subprime lead calculator for subprime dealer services

Determine How Much Money Your Dealership Can Make On A Subprime Trigger Lead Program

Our subprime lead calculator shows special finance and finance managers the financial perks of having a trigger program at their dealership. For smaller and independent lots looking to add 20 units a month, a trigger program payout could land you in the ballpark of $50,000 according to our lead calculator. For larger dealer groups looking to add 45 or more sales to the monthly sold log, the vicinity advances to $112,000.

By identifying your sales goals up front, the calculator breaks down approximately how much data is needed to meet those goals. Our dealers (having been on our program for the recommended 90+ days) typically average a 4 to 6% response rate. By adding response rate to the formula, the calculator automatically determines how much sales revenue to expect off units sold. Check it out below.

Subprime trigger lead programs are easy to justify when it comes to budgeting because dealers can measure the exact data to determine their return on investment – how many dollars spent and how many dollars made. In general, trigger campaigns are relatively inexpensive and essentially pay for themselves over time. They are affordable, profitable, and still offer incredible value for the money.

Subprime Lead Calculator

Use our subprime lead calculator to determine how many sales to expect off our program. Estimations are based off industry averages. Dealers with the right lenders, right inventory and right salespeople are in good position to hit these projections. Now you can determine how much you essentially profit per buyer, which is based off statistical averages provided from our customers.

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