Direct mail is a traditional marketing method that is oftentimes overlooked in today’s digital age.

A new study asked consumers to recall advertisements they were recently exposed to. Recognition was 70% higher for those exposed to direct mail vs. digital ads. This might come as a surprise to marketing professionals. What makes direct mail a better ROI? Two reasons, it’s less saturated and highly targetable.

How many emails are currently sitting in your inbox? How many advertisements pop up on your digital device? Now ask yourself, how many letters were delivered to your mailbox yesterday? Mailbox competition is down while digital competition spikes. United States Postal Services reported that the average household receives less than 3 pieces of mail each day. Average internet users are exposed to roughly 77 emails and digital advertisements each day.

So, what happens when you pair big data with direct mail? Big data – which tracks, compiles and reports consumer’s buying habits and trends – allows dealerships direct mail campaigns to be extremely targeted for optimal performance.This data gives dealers the ability to create mailers that are customized to the consumer’s vehicle needs. Research shows that 44% of consumers visit a dealership’s website after receiving a direct mail piece. Also 48% hold on to the mailer for future reference when visiting the dealership.

Subprime Dealer Services specializes in direct mail campaigns and consumer data.

AutoMine is a dating mining program that utilizes direct mail pieces to keep your dealership in contact with prior sales/service customers. These mailers give opportunities to those prior customers nearing lease expiration, in positive equity positions or have high APR.

Our Trigger Leads program is a direct mail program that uses consumer data to propose a firm offer of credit for those facing credit challenges. Many of these consumers have given up on the ability to finance a vehicle. Receiving your dealership’s mailer in their mailbox could be the hope they have been waiting on.

Furthermore, consumers affected by bankruptcy may not know that obtaining a vehicle loan is one of the best ways to rebuild their credit; SPDS has a variety of Bankruptcy Lead programs as well. Depending on  your dealership’s budget and staff size we have a program designed for you. In summary, direct mail gives consumers the physical and personal touch that no email or digital campaign can provide.