There are many advantages to having a BDC within your dealership.

The most lucrative advantage is the increase in appointments, which in turn brings more customers into your showroom. BDC’s are not a new trend to dealerships but there is a lot to consider when implementing this department. Staffing, technology, software, and even facilities play a big role in the success of a profitable BDC.

BDC’s may have an initial cost to get started. However the return will yield a positive outcome. Staffing and facilities should be held to high priority. You need staff with great phone skills, not just sales skills. Also an environment that is conducive to high productivity and privacy.

Think of a BDC as an extension of your sales team. A BDC department will help with not only scheduling sales and service appointments for customers with stellar credit, but also those customers who may otherwise fall through the cracks. The customers that your sales team know are going to require extra time to get the deal done. This department is willing to take the time to reach out to credit challenged customers to inform them of the resources in the dealership. Resources that can make purchasing a vehicle a possibility even if the customer thinks otherwise. The BDC should also be reaching out to prior customers to inform them of current promotions your dealership is running in the showroom and your service department.

Whether your dealership has a BDC or is thinking about putting one in place, it is an investment. When ran correctly the investment will pay off. Your dealership will see increased revenue on the sales floor and through your service tunnel. Increased revenue is the goal right?

Subprime Dealer Services offers BDC support options with several of our auto lead programs.

Our BDC is trained in the “Stuker Training” BDC philosophy, which focuses on maximizing inbound/outbound opportunities, appointment setting, and household prospecting. From big dealerships with a BDC of their own to the small business owner with a limited budget that may not be able to afford an in-house BDC, we got you covered. SPDS is qualified to handle your influx in customers through a profitable lead program. Our BDC department is designed to keep sensitive customer information private while making the customer feel welcome to your dealership no matter what their credit score.