Big data will help your dealership sell more vehicles.

Dealerships can’t always rely on foot traffic. A fresh up is always a harder sell than a previous buyer that you already have a relationship with. Who has the time to go through hundreds or even thousands of CRM records to find previous business that may be in the market to buy? Well we have a product that does the work for you.

AutoMine drills into your dealership’s last 4 years of sales and service customers. Looking for customers who have positive equity in their current vehicle or high APR on their current loan. It will also find out which customers have 1 to 3 months left in their lease or loan term and are in the market to buy or re-lease. AutoMine can even look as far into the future as 12 months.

Importance of Big Data in your Dealership.

Big Data reveals buying patterns, trends and associations. It allows your dealership to have the data of how your consumers buy, why they buy and insights need to help your sales team close the deal. AutoMine is a product that uses Big Data to engage with current and previous customers. It identifies shopping behaviors of current as well as potential new customers that have been shopping in the last 24 hours.

Let AutoMine help you deliver the right offer, to the right consumer at the right time. Interested in how many potential in the market ready to buy now you have hanging out in your CRM? Contact us for a free analysis of how many buyers are floating in your CRM just waiting on a phone call to pull the trigger on a new vehicle.